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Aluminum die-casting

Our core business is production of die cast aluminium alloys parts. The most commonly used alloys are:

  • aluminum 99.7%,
  • aluminum alloy AlSi9Cu3 (Fe) DIN 226,
  • aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg (Fe) DIN 239,
  • aluminum alloy AlSi12 DIN 230,
  • aluminum alloy AlSi12Cu1 (Fe) DIN 231.

The activity is carried out on casting machines with closing forces of 250,320,400 and 600 tons, with which we produce 350 tons of castings annually.

We produce cast parts for the electrical production and distribution industry, components for equipment intended for medical care, rotors and bearing masts.

Our customers come not only from Slovenia, but also we sell our products on the wider European market.

Our finished product is fully adapted to all the requirements of our customers, because we believe that only with full dedication to business and knowledge we can offer the client exactly what they need. We can say with certainty that quality products, adequate knowledge, long experience and complete adaptability to our customers are our main advantages, which is proven by long-term cooperation with our partners.

From idea (plan) to product

Planning - Together with the client, we review the plans and coordinate with each other regarding the requirements of the final product.

Production of casting tools (molds) - Based on the needs of the client, together with the customer and toolmakers, we first construct the tool construction, followed by its production.

Test series and measurements - After making the tool, we perform its test and measurements, followed by corrections as needed. In the next phase, we perform new sampling and measurements. Only at this stage and when the customer has previously confirmed the product, the serial production of the product can start.

 Together with the client, we review the plans and coordinate with each other
Products are packed according to customer requirements

Serial production - Quantities are produced which are in accordance with the customer's order or by mutual agreement.

Packaging - Products are packed according to customer requirements. In doing so, we pay special attention to their sensitivity and adjust the whole packaging and the packaging process

We offer the possibility of packaging in metal boxes, wooden folding boxes and cardboard boxes.

For additional protection, either cardboard protection or EPE foil is used. Very sensitive products are also packaged individually.

Logistics - We also offer logistics support to the customers in the delivery of products. The customer can organize the takeover by himself or we can deliver the products.

Packing in boxes
Protection of aluminium castings during packing

Production capacity

Products weighing up to 10 kg.
Products up to size: approx. 50 cm.

At the moment we have six casting machines for die casting; three have a closing force of 250, one 320, one 400 and one 600 tonnes.

Machines for the processing of castings (deburring vibrator, drilling operations, grinding machines ...). We also have external, partner companies that provide additional mechanical and surface process of castings.


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